Beyonce’s Twins are Geminis. And They Need Your Prayers.

Beyonce on Grammys Stage

Over the past 48 hours or so, reaction to Beyonce having given birth to twins has run the emotional gamut.

At first, there was confusion, as folks around the Internet were left to wonder:

Did it really happen?

Then, of course, there was sheer excitement, once numerous reliable outlets began to confirm the news late Saturday night;

Yes, it really happened!

Then, there was the unexpected backlash against Matthew Knowles after Beyonce’s father Tweeted (below) that he was, indeed, the proud grandfather of two brand new little humans.

How dare he? That is Beyonce’s major news to break!

Then, there was concern, following reports that the twins are still in the hospital as a result of a minor health issue.

Will they be alright? What is going on with them?!?

Now, a handful of Beyhive members across the World Wide Web have come up with a new reason to worry about the unnamed tiny boy and tiny girl… and it’s a reason we definitely did not see coming:

The kids are Gemini.

This astrological sign is actually Latin for “twins,” which means Beyonce has given birth to twins during twin season.

Which is apparently very bad luck.

Those who follow this sort of thing and who really believe there’s …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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