10 Ways To Get Free Food When It’s Not Even Your Birthday

Play your cards right and your birthday could be an endless smorgasbord of opportunities to get free things just for being born. It’s almost enough to make us wish it could be our birthday every day. And while that dream isn’t coming true, there are ways you can act like it is. And no, we don’t just mean convincing your friends to buy your dinner and sing to you.

There is an endless list of restaurants with fan clubs, newsletters, and apps that reward you just for belonging. And while many will allow you to also earn free food over time, our favorite ones start out with a freebie off the bat — a reward just for being you, kinda like it’s still your birthday.

Ahead, ten restaurant loyalty programs that will give you something free just for being a friend, no matter what day of the year it is.

Panera Bread
As a reward for signing up for the MyPanera loyalty program, you earn a free pastry or treat on your next visit.

Dairy Queen
Join the DQ Blizzard Fan Club and get a coupon for BOGO blizzards. After that, you’ll get a free blizzard on your birthday as well as your …read more

Source:: Fresh News – Culture

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