8 of the craziest proposals for Trump’s border wall

hyperloop wall

This fall, the Trump administration will ask Congress to give the green light on a federal budget that includes funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Not all Republican lawmakers are on board, making it more uncertain that the estimated $21.6 billion wall will become a reality. But the Trump administration is currently reviewing design bids for the project, and says it will reveal the finalists this summer.

Hundreds of construction firms, architects, and artists answered the open call for border wall proposals put out this past spring. Some are more eccentric than others, and many have additional functions beyond securing the border.

The ideas — some of which are in protest of the wall itself — range from parks to hyperloop transit systems. Here are some of the most interesting border wall proposals we’ve seen.

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The pink “Prison-Wall.”

Mexican architects from Estudio 3.14, a design firm based in Guadalajara, imagined a hot pink border that stretches 1,954 miles, called the “Prison-Wall.”

The renderings are meant to show the impracticality of building the wall, designer Norberto Miranda told Business Insider. He …read more


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